Jamie Baldridge

Jamie Baldridge’s staged and digitally manipulated photographs draw from his fascination with fairytales that started when he discovered a book of fairytales in his grandmother’s attic as a child.

Every artwork begins with writing a small story, then visually translating it into a detailed sketch. He poses his models exactly as visualized, then combines the photos with a variety of digital images to build up the entire scene. His technique is unique and unusual, with the use of several negatives, computer software and the same 3D technology used by the makers of The Lord of the Rings. Months after completing a series, he writes a book which has a story related to every artwork and ties the series together.

“The worlds I create are inhabited by the same archetypal characters that writers like Kierkegaard and Joseph Campbell have illuminated and have, for centuries, served to describe the human experience,” he has said, “all at once profane, tragic-comical, and erudite.”


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