It’s Always Something KS

It’s Always Something

Because you didn’t ask the same questions
Because he’s just not that into you
Because hope’s clap seems distant
Because effort spells fail
Because the hit feels good
Because the secrets are secrets no more
Because it’s the pain from boredom
Because nothing is up to you
Because you keep your legs open
Because there is no speed fast enough to satisfy the rush
Because hums turned to drones turned to sirens
Because sex is always alone
Because everything is about the dog
Because the flame causes holes
Because it’s the instinct and self-esteem
Because healing doesn’t happen after 12 a.m.
Because you like the color red
Because food means people might see
Because to return would rip the effect
Because the ride becomes a rope
Because the pleasure relaxes the tie
Because it’s I don’t know
Because screaming would be asking too much
Because you like big round objects
Because deep fingers lie awake
Because confession spells effort
Because new is loss and loss is lost
Because the cut is dirty like a broken promise
Because it’s dark out when you sweat
Because souls have nuts and bolts
Because the cadence is computer generated
Because your heart is cold
Because history waits to fake it

*after jeanann verlee


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